About Spoken & Sung

This site is about words in performance. Words sung, acted, chanted, recited. And simply about art, which elides all boundaries and in a sense is always beyond words. But words, and performance in which words are important, are the focus.

I am a writer, composer, and translator. I have a keen interest in many literary, musical, and performance traditions, ancient and modern. Poetic recitation, reconstructed pronunciations, musical text-setting, and the interaction of verse and music are matters that have long engaged me, as reflected in the Writings pages of this site, and more often than not in the blog.

Spoken & Sung is also a new electronic publisher. Ebooks, recordings, and eventually videos will be on offer at the Storefront, along with some affiliate links to related items. The Media section will mostly consist of free previews and excerpts from larger projects, on a rotating basis.

– Alan Shaw